Early Childhood Teacher and Service Nominated Supervisor

Bachelor of Education


I have one child of my own and have lived in the local community my whole life.

My husband, son and I enjoy spending our weekends and holidays at Noosa where we enjoy the beach, fishing and kayaking in the Noosa River. I cherish family gatherings with my own brothers and sister (and their families), which happen frequently and are always great fun.

As a Teacher of young children I believe that play is central to children’s development. Play is a child’s unique way to learn about their world and is a means of expressing knowledge from previous experience. My personal pedagogical belief is that children learn by doing, and they learn the best when they have an interest in the learning object. I acknowledge each child as a competent learner and ensure that the program I deliver is child-directed following the children’s interests.

The overall aim of the Kindy Program is designed to help each child in developing all areas necessary for success, now and in later years.  I will supporting their play and learning through positive interactions, providing appropriate resources, facilitating discussions, providing positive reinforcement and guidance as needed.


Early Childhood Teacher

Bachelor of Education/Human Services.


"I have two children of my own, and an Australian Bulldog named Lunar (we have lots of fun together).

I enjoy having picnics in the park, trying new and exciting food, and I love to take my children to cultural events.

As a teacher, I endeavour to develop cooperative and stimulating learning environments and experiences that connect children to literacy, numeracy and investigative learning through a flexible play based approach. I challenge children in their thinking and skills in order to provide the best learning experiences possible."





Diploma Children's Services

Hi my name is Jess and I have been 

working as an Educator since 2011.

I joined Peace of Mind in 2020 and 

enjoy every moment of it.

My two biggest passions in life are footballl and art. I have been playing football for 15 years. When I am not playing football I am normally drawing, spending time with friends, swimming at the beach or going out for a dance. 

My pride and joy is my not so little dog Tucker who is a bull arab x bull mastiff, who insists that he is a lap dog. 

As an educator I hope that I can help to create an environment that is safe, supportive and inviting for children and families. I believe that through play and exploration children feel comfortable and confident, which encourages them to experiment, take risks, ask questions and explore. 





Diploma Children's Services

Hi my name is Hayley & I'm one of the outside & Deconstruction Studio educators. I have been working at Peace of Mind Kindy since 2017. 

The best part about working here each day is getting to enjoy the things I love like mud, exploring, outdoors & construction. 

My personal philosophy is that I believe that children need free range & time to explore materials & that they work best through play / exploring / investigating. 




Certificate 3Children's Services

symba .jpg



Diploma Children's Services

Hello my name is Symba, I become a member of the Peace of Mind family after Jacob, myself and our two furbabies, Missy and Charlie moved here from Hervey Bay in 2019.
I have been working in early childhood education since 2011, in all ages however mostly with babies and toddlers.

On weekends you will not find me hiking up mountains or canoeing down the rapids. I much prefer curling up on the couch reading Harry Potter (for the 2nd time this year) or binge watching a TV series, often while crochetjng. Or maybe I'm out taking my furbabies for walks then laughing as they cool down by chasing the hose.

As an educator I strive to create a welcoming, happy, and exciting environment for the children to be apart of, creating many positive learning experiences, where the children thrive.