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Emily Pettett

Center Manager & Service Nominated Supervisor
​Advanced Diploma of Children's Services.

I have had the pleasure of working in the Early Childhood Education sector for over 13 years and I couldn’t imagine a more purposeful and fulfilling career path.

After attending the Reggio Emilia study tour in Italy, I found a more specific style of education that I now advocate very strongly for - all tightly based around the United Nations Convention of The Rights Of A Child, the image of the child and the 100 languages of children. 


There are many skills and attributes that Early Childhood Education professionals must uphold. To me, I feel that transparency is vital it creates trust and strong connections between children, families, educators and the community.

“Your image of the child is where teaching begins.” Loris Malaguzzi 


Hayley Ash 

2 IC & Educator Pre Kindy & Kindy

Diploma Children's Services

Hi, my name is Hayley and I am the outdoor educator here at Kindulili. 

I have been working here for 6 years and I have just the same amount of energy and love to give as when I first started. 

I love coming here every day as it is also some new to learn and discovery each day. 

You will always find me outside either pottering and growing in the gardens, exploring the shed or getting busy down in the loose parts area. I believe that all children learn differently and I love trying new things to cater for all learning styles, but most of all I love having the ability to get down and messy in the natural environment that we provide! 

As an educator, I hope to be able to pass down my love and passion for the outdoors and the ability to stop and find the magic in every little thing, especially the nature provided around us through the art of play based learning and exploring. 


Janneth Cortes

Early Childhood Teacher

​Bachelor of Education


I’m Janneth, Jan for short, and a mother of two lovely boys. I’m the new ECT here at Kindulili Early Learning, working 3x a week (T, Th and F). I have a double major in Teaching (Early Childhood Education) and in Psychology, and has many years experience, working in various early childhood settings such as in ECDP, not for profit, council-run and university-run centres, back when I lived in Sydney.


I am deeply committed in advocating for young children and their rights, particularly to early education, as I believe that the first 5 years are crucial in their learning and development, impacting on their attitude towards learning as well as their self-esteem. 


I believe that ‘strong partnerships with families and the community’ help in promoting strong and independent children. Through secure attachments and strong relationships, we help develop these amazing individuals to become the scientists that they are- inquisitive, playful and innovative. If you see me at the centre, please feel free to come and to introduce yourself. 

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Emily Ash 

Educator Jr Kindy, Pre Kindy and Kindy 

Studying Diploma Early Childhood Education

My name is Emily Ash, I currently hold my Certificate 3 in Children's services and am completing my Diploma in Early Childhood Education this year.
I enjoy bringing out a child’s creative side and engaging in a variety of arts while also getting messy.
Working with children teaches you to learn how to live in the moment and enjoy the smaller things in life.

Naomi Cloake 
Educator Pre Kindy and Kindy
Studying Bachelor of Education

My name is Naomi. I am a mother of 7 amazingly beautiful children and 5 precious grandchildren. My family and I thoroughly enjoy playing in the outdoors. We take every opportunity to adventure outdoors swimming, boating, motorbike and mountain bike riding, fishing and camping.

I have been working in Early Childhood for 30 years and my passion and commitment continues to grow as my knowledge, understanding and experience develops through the years. 

I love sharing the outdoors with children as they explore the natural environment, promoting their natural curiosity and challenging their physical capabilities while experiencing a healthier lifestyle. 

I am sincerely dedicated to advocating for quality care and education for children and their families and look forward to developing and maintaining strong and trusting relationships with the children and families and Kindulili and within their community.

I believe the quality of the early relationships developed through Early Childhood plays a significant role in the value and strength of relationships the child goes on to have later in life. It is the reality of this foundational responsibility that continually inspires me to work in Early Childhood, promoting and growing strong, capable and kind children.

Cassanda Dawson 

Educator Jr Kindy

Diploma Children's Services

My name is Cassie! I love Kindulili and was attracted by the open spaces, homely feel and the pride of children’s individualism.

I started late in the year of 2021, grateful to be closer to my son, Max, as he continues his schooling. Being a mother has taught me in more ways then I could’ve imagined. I have more patience then I could ever imagine, more love to give and more excitement for each day.

I have been in childcare for almost 12 years, starting in high school and multitasking with other industries, study and providing respite care. Throughout this time, I have worked with ages from Nursery to Kindy, following groups and staying with children for multiple years. I pride myself on strong relationships with the children and their families, and always willing to open my heart to another little friend.
I look forward to meeting you and your family.



Sam Cloak 

Educator Pre Kindy and Kindy 

Diploma Early Childhood Education

Hi, my name is Samantha but you can call me Sam.

I am new to the team here at Kindulili, drawn to the warm, community feel and the beautiful learning spaces. This is my seventh year working in the industry and I believe that the key aspect of my role in working with children is to promote confidence in their sense of self. I had wanted to become a school teacher, however I fell in love with emergent programs and developing a curriculum that reflects the child’s voice, and have never looked back. I am humbled to spend each day engaging with children, sharing in their thoughts, ideas and being a part of their learning journey with families.

I have relocated to Queensland from Victoria and I am enjoying being closer to my own family. I am passionate about family history and genealogy, art and culture, mindfulness and wellbeing and spending time in the natural environment. I look forward to getting to know you and your little one, and collaborating with the team to provide meaningful education and care.


Andrea Newbury
Educator Pre Kindy & Kindy
Diploma Early Childhood Education 

I am the proud mum to 2 wonderful boys (ages 5 & 7). I am passionate about children's wellbeing and count myself very lucky to be a part of their early childhood development. 

Family and respect are the most important aspects in my life. 

When I am not playing at kindy, my family enjoy rock climbing, playing golf, swimming, going to the skatepark, and playing arcade games.

I am a massive child at heart and love having fun and being silly.

I look forward to meeting new little friends and helping them to feel secure and have fun while learning at Kindulili.


Leesa Brown

Educator Pre Kindy and Kindy 

Certificate III Early Childhood Education

Hi! I am Leesa, I have 3 beautiful boys and I have a passion for integrating my indigenous heritage through the program at Kindulili. I am learning alongside the children and educators to authentically celebrate and acknowledge the traditional land owners. 

I enjoy seeing children engage in risky play and really test the boundaries of their bodies. 

I look forward to meeting you and your "jarjums" (children).     


Rachel Jensen

Educator Jr Kindy 

 Diploma Early Childhood Education

I am an Mum of 3 beautiful children, proud New Zealander who lives to share my essence of love, respect and integrity.
In my 20 years of educating children I have valued every child’s capabilities and I enhance their growth through play and interest based learning.
With the children I love to build and get crafty with natural resources. In my spare time, I like hiking and spending time with family and friends.



Essie Cox

Educator Pre Kindy and Kindy 

Cert lll Early Childhood Education

Hi, my name is Essie. I first fell in love with Early Childhood Education at school where I completed my certificate 3 and joined the Kindulili team in 2021 for my placement. I have now graduated and am loving every day at Kindulili. I love the outdoors as well as getting messy. Our Kindulili team is welcoming and fun. I enjoy helping our little people grow and explore new things. Having a good relationship with children, families and staff is something I feel strongly about as I believe it brings out the best in everyone.

I look forward to meeting you all.



Kellie Rodgers

Educator Pre Kindy and Kindy 

 Diploma Early Childhood Education


My name is Kellie and I am a proud Barada Barna woman from Townsville. I am a mother of 6 and a grandmother to 5. My husband and I take every opportunity to experience life with our grannies. It is the best part of our day. I hold a diploma in Early childhood education and care and have been in the industry for 7 years. I have always worked with the age group 6 weeks to 18 months so I am excited to move out of my comfort zone and learn from your pikininies (children). I love Kindulili's holistic approach and the inclusiveness to every individual. I hope to build strong connections with all of your families as I believe honest, collaborative, partnerships are needed for our pikininies to feel safe, secure and supported. While they take on responsibilities and challenge themselves, we educate through experiences that are inspired from their interests, thoughts and notions, because they communicate, create and learn through play.

I have been at Kindulili for a few months now so have began building relationships with your pikininies and look forward to doing the same with you all.

Wadda Mooli (Greeting from Birri Gubba language Hello, Goodbye, Welcome).


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