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Children are citizens of our global community; ready and able to be, belong and become. We recognise the value of life skills; and the importance of being mindful, purposeful, and unhurried. We embrace the uniqueness of all children, recognizing and celebrating the differences amongst us all.

We believe in empowering children to take ownership of their thinking, learning and unique identity; and to contribute to shared thinking and learning in personally meaningful ways. Opportunities for mindfulness are valued (both spontaneous and intentional) and embedded within our program. Conversations and experiences exploring kindness and empathy are deliberate and embedded in our relationships with the children, and the relationships the children build with their peers.

Our holistic approach to working with children is one of nurturing. Through listening, researching, gathering, and exploring, we thoughtfully contribute to children’s play, and making meaning of the world around them. We embrace opportunities to reach out to the local community and bring meaningful awareness to the children.

Our service, teachers, educators, and families actively participate and work in professional collaboration towards shared knowledge, goals, and values.

Our learning environment and resources are intentional and provide security; and like the natural world, are significant and deserving of care. We value the natural environment as the third teacher and place emphasis, through collaborative and intentional experiences, on supporting the children to recognise how we can reduce our footprint on the land on which we live and play.

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