Our Team

Our two teachers, Amanda D and Amanda C, work with qualified educators in a natural, homely, two room kindergarten.

Our Rooms

Our service is licenced for 44 children aged from 3 years.  Children that are in their year before Prep (eligible kindergarten age) must attend at least two days per week.   We have two rooms designed to feel comfortable, warm and familiar.


Eligible kindgergarten age children are required to book a minimum of two days per week.  Consistent group placement supports the teachers in planning cohesive experiences that move with the children attending.  The service makes every effort to be flexible with enrolment needs for working parents.  Children aged from 3 years can book any days, but at least two consecutive days is preferred to support children in settling and enjoying their time at Kindy.

Early Years Play and Education

Hours Mon-Fri

Peace of Mind is open from 7am to 6pm, 51 weeks of the year.


The qualified early childhood teachers run their programs from 7am - 4pm.  Qualified staff work collaboratively with the teachers to provide an extended hours quality experience until 6pm.